Is it Recommendable to Trade Forex During or After the Super Bowl?

The question of "Is it recommended to trade forex during or after the Super Bowl?" is a reoccurring one amongst novice and expert traders alike. Ideally, you should not trade when liquidity is low, and this is most likely to happen on major holidays such as the US and European Union s mid-August to early September, as well as on major Christmas and New Year s holiday days. Low liquidity means more room for market manipulation and flash crashes, and is therefore not suitable for long-term traders. But if you plan to trade during or after the Super Bowl, you should be aware of the risks and keep a close eye on the market.

One obvious risk of trading during the Super Bowl is rogue brokers writing reviews on the Super Bowl, as they want to increase their own reputations. To avoid these pitfalls, ensure that the website of a broker is professional, has active links, and is not prone to "Coming Soon" messages. You should also check out the costs associated with transactions with a forex broker. If the broker has an account with your bank, make sure it informs you of the fees involved in wire transfers.

If you can t decide between trading during the US or UK sessions, try trading during the European session. The European session tends to be busiest, and typically has the most trading opportunities. During this time, pip ranges are wider in most major currency pairs. In contrast, Friday and Sunday are quiet, and liquidity dies down. However, you can still find a good opportunity to invest during the Super Bowl if you know when to trade.

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